The Mother Shipton Prophets' Guild

HONEYDEW LP coming to all streaming 1/15/21

Once a studio-only project, The Mother Shipton Prophets' Guild is the folk outlet of composer Emma Elizabeth Steen, a native New Yorker who doesn't understand sarcasm and doesn't like Jell-O. 

Her music spans the dreamlike, the uneasy, and the terrible. Armed with a guitar, a love of epic poetry, and an extraordinarily talented group of collaborators, Steen weaves intricate and bewitching worlds, welcoming you inside at your own risk.


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She’s like an onion, but then you peel the layers, and now it’s a cake, and then you peel the layers again and now it’s a galaxy, and you’re like, this doesn’t make sense, but it’s beautiful. ” - Jordan Demarest